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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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thank you very much. we are extremely fortunate in the stage of this project they've chosen here as their headquarters and with all of this in place the success on brooklyn no one is a success with our contractor i'm confident those parties will lead us through a safe and timely project to make this into realty thank you very much for grandfathering here today. thank you very much
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>> mazzucco. >> here. >> turman. >> here. >> dejesus. >> melara, en route >> with us is the chief of
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police, suhr >> thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wednesday, august, 27th, 2014, san francisco police commission, meeting without further adieu, call line item one, general public comment. >> the public is now relevant come to address the commission, regarding to items that do not appear on tonight's agenda. the speakers will address the remarks to the commission as a whole but not to the department or the occ personnel, on the police commissioner rules of order, the police, or the occ, personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions by the public but may provide a brief response. the individual commissioners and personnel should refrain, however from engineering into any debates or discussions or the speakers of general public comment, and limit your comments to three minutes. >> the first speaker.
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>> i am here because of my attempts to address the issue have come back to me with no satisfaction, and the sense that i have gotten back from this is a complaint that i filed with the court and i got at this point, it is a temporary restraining, order is the person continue to harass me, he has woken me up at 3:30 in the morning are so, and as i
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called the police, they have shown up about two to three hours later, and the person has turned down the music bip then, and however, in the conversations that i have with the police and they have told me that, if the person remains in his unit, and does not answer the door, even if he, or like he continues to harass me with the noise, just as long as he does not answer the door, they can do nothing about the situation, each if i have a temporary retraining order, or, a bonifide, real one after it has gone to court and assuming that it gets approved and that makes no sense to me. >> and so, if you would like to respond. >> we are not allowed to respond, you can xhat with one
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of the officers and they can take your information and explain to you better. >> that will be great. >> next speaker. president, mazzucco and honors members of the commission and chief suhr, my name is ruben goodman and first of all i would like to ask, inspector monroe, to present this to the new commissioners, and as well. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> and it was my pleasure. >> it is a rose ceremony. >> that, and this... >> this rose, comes from the alter, and deeta and a small church between 23rd and 24th.
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and flores. he is facing eviction and we are currently working on getting the help of david campos's office as well as being here, and that is an issue that i would like to perhaps get a number where he can contact you after the meeting. i came tonight, mainly, to recommend for the highest possible commendation for some of the officers of richmond station. and we sort of under cap and assignment silver man. and i had a situation that occurred at the rose gold man elegant assisted living facility. it is not the assisted living facility, it is on the event it says for the gold man, elegant. >> my stepmother lives there in
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room, 308, and i had spent a week and a half, because she does not know how to answer her phone and they will not assist her to know how to answer the phone. or, put in a simple call and like an old time phone where you just pick up the receiver and it took me a week and a half to finally get the message to her that i was going to visit on monday and i went to see her, and fortunately, in the facility, an employee as i was coming in and as i was in the lobby near the elevators it started like a cell phone call, the employee of the facility says that you are not allowed to make the cell phone calls and so i turned the phone off and put it in my pocket and i went up and had a nice visit, to be continued at the next hearing. the bottom line is an ada violation of federal law took place, and four officers from
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richmond station are witness to that violation, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> mr. cafia, >> inspector. mr. president, and it was not my intention to speak tonight, however, i happened to go to the park because i wanted to discuss, but i did meet an asian officer, who was working on the job's program. and with the kids in the community and it really impressed me and then when i read the extensive article in the newspaper about what you are doing in garfield park, congratulations greg, and there was light up, what i think is really important. and what you are doing, with the parents and the kids in there, and you are really reaching out and i think that you call the program, news and community, engagement.
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and i have to say, i want from the article and i was very impressed and very good work. >> thank you, inspector tapia. >> actually for the audience knows, he was one of the first community service officers in the community service division. >> that is right. >> community relations in the san francisco police department, thank you inspector. >> next speaker? please come forward. >> good evening. >> good evening. >> i am in the justice committee and i first of all, i wanted to express my disappointment in not seeing the commission out on the rally, and march that we invited to you guys personally to. but i am sure that you guys have your reasons for not showing up but i did want to express my disappointment in not seeing you guys there, i did want to call to your attention, the last things that
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have happened with alex's case, as you know, he was the young man who was shot and killed by a pd on march 21st of this year. there is a statement that contradict the chief's remarks from the town hall meeting that was hosted in the mission district on back in march. >> and the same... and this, according to that, and the loss that has been filed against the city and county of san francisco. and there is a lot of contradiction and i am really concerned, because, san francisco has an unlimited amount of resources that you guys could have had a correct investigation of the incident that led up to alex's murder.
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and it is really, it is really disappointing to know that the investigation was completed through the commission, within ten days. and five months later, now there is a witness, and the officers that were involved in the shooting are out patrolling our streets. so, there is a really big concern there, for me, personally, and i know that for the community, that these police officers are patrolling, there is a really big disconnect between the police department and the community and the mission district right now, there is a lot of fear in the community, due to, not being transparent, to give us information to the other cases that are having a lot of information as you guys well know, in ferguson, there have been, there has been several
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disobedience and they have received information and i don't think that it is fair that that san francisco after five months, we don't even have the, the names of the officers that were, that murdered (inaudible), and also, i would like to know if there is any update on the occ. complaint that various san francisco residents have made. >> okay. thank you. >> next. >> hello, i am also with the justice, and the committee. and following up, on my friend's comments, and at first of all i want to know if the shooting is at all a high priority for the police commission. also, on friday, when the lawsuit was filed, it came to
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light that there are ear and eye witnesses that principlely contradict the police version of events. and the most important fact, is that he never had a taser in his hand or moved to get his taser. so. i want to ask, whether this police commission will investigate any cover up by san francisco police department of the facts in this case? thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> hearing none, public comment is now closed call the next line item. >> 2 a, chief's report, discussion and review of recent activities. >> good evening, chief. >> good evening, commissioners, and members of the community, the over all picture of crime in san francisco was related to violent crimes as we are past
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the halfway point, and the violent crime according to our july number are down, 26 percent and the property crime, is flat, part one, which is the violent and the felony property crimes are down four percent. and so it is in pretty good stead in that regard. shooting victims in san francisco down 13 percent, year to date and obviously anybody that has ever shot in san francisco, is an intended in my mind is an intended homicide and we track those numbers and pay attention. but, the homicides year to date, we are at 25 unfortunately, and we suffered a uv related homicide yesterday, on paralta street. homicide inspectors, arrived and actually found the husband in the company of his attorney follow up investigation, and conferencing with the da's office and led to the arrest
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and the booking of the suspect for the murder of his wife yesterday. and again, we are working real hard and i see some of our advocates in the crowd. so any time that we suffer, not that any homicide is not sublimely regret able, we did have that great run without of a dv related and now we have a couple this year. we had a couple of high profile traffic incidents as of late on august, 15th, a 2-year-old was struck and killed, on mission street. and at about 10:30. and close examination, led to the arrest of her aunt and led to her in the street, unaccompanied and she returned to pick up her brother and we are actively seeking the white vehicle that actually hit the child and anybody out in the public that picture is on our website and if anybody could led us to that person, we want to talk to the driver of that car to find out, why he or she
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left the scene. also, late on sunday night and early monday morning, there was a fatality, on muni. and not on muni but by a bus, at geary and lion. and that investigation, is still under way, and it was a pedestrian, that was killed. but the fault in that particular accident has yet to be determined. and on a more positive note, we did have some positive activity in the department of 50 people, 50 members were promoted to the rank of sergeant or supervisor and the supervision is important to the department and to myself and they then, have been promoted in the course all week long and they will go to the new positions and i will be giving their assignments tomorrow. and i know that we have a report, in another agenda item on the progress of our domestic violence and so i will refer the rest of my time to that presentation. >> thank you, chief. and i was just curious, we did
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get these e-mails about a shooting that took place yesterday that never made the news that maybe is just because i found it significant. but there was a shooting, at involving the funeral procession of someone who was a victim and several guns were covered and there was a chase and there was a dangerous situation, apparently the news is reporting about the (inaudible) instead of doing out in the city. >> the officers did a good job on that on the bay view and also a shooting on the 900 block of market street and two groups got after each other one was a san francisco group and one from the east bay and one person was struck, and he is now in stable condition at the hospital. and we were able to obtain a group, and determine who we believe the shooter was and recover a weapon and so at rest was made for the attempted murder, and they were charged or being related to that crime. >> commissioner dejesus?
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>> okay, so, i think that i mentioned to you that i think that i read an article in the paper regarding collection of the racial profiling and we did not have enough information and it was recommendation for the other categories to gather it and i know that we have been doing that ever since and the article was about, that we have this data but there is no analysis of the data and i think that you can address that and you have some information. >> right, and so we, the article spoke to regional law enforcement and we actually analyze our data quite a bit. and in fact i just met with director, the it director and we have been tracking the racial make-up of not only the people that are arrested, but arrested for victim crimes and arrested for drug crimes and we actually track the reportees and the victims of those crimes to determine what the racial make-up is there, and i don't have the numbers handy but i
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can bring them next time and also the reentry council is part of the actions that they are calling for that the department is a party to is the step, and the racial and a study of the profiling is across the justice system in san francisco, and we will be providing all of our entry to the foundation that will be doing that study. >> and you can give us the numbers and keep us posted on this council and i mean that is important if we can analyze it and hopefully we will see the results from there. >> sure. >> i will say that one of the things that we are getting to is the fact that hispanic is ethnicity and not a race. and so we still have that problem where hispanics are included in the races, white, black, asian, and pacific islander, there are four. and any way, so, we have the racial break downs but again,
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the 19 ethnicities that we are trying to break it down father and we will get to that. >> and then i will have another question, too, could you just update where we are with the cameras for the officers. >> and so, i apologize that this has taken so long but we have been in the mass that is trying to reconcile the open bid and the city contracting and the whole thing and so my understanding is that we are very, very close now, and that the office of the contract administration that we are close to getting to the point where we will have the cameras procured and we are pretty much with the agreement to put them on the plain clothed supervisors. >> yes. >> please call 2 b, occ director's report.
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>> occ direct's report. >> good evening president mazzucco and turman and chief, and members of the audience, this evening, i will talk about some of the out reach activities. occ staff, has been involved in, and last thursday, on the 21st, occ staff and i provided training to other occ staff, and 15 members of the greater bay area, civilian oversight community. and including representatives from bart's office of the officer, all the way up to the task force, and in santa rosa, and that is looking into the civilian oversight. and the training was in conjunction, with nacol, the national association for civilian oversight of law enforcement and goal to have regional activities for
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civilian oversight practitioners and in connection with the occ goal of continuing to do the out reach both within san francisco and the greater bay area community. and occ attorney mediater donna salazar spoke to the group about establishing and maintaining successful medation programs, and occ attorney, sam, also, policy analyst, talked to the group about providing the policy recommendations that builds a bridge between the community and law enforcement. and then, marian was not busy because on sunday, and i know that commissioner marshal will go more into detail about it later. but she was a commentator, on the program, street soldiers on know your rights. and she did that, with commissioner marshal and also,
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with patty lee, from the public defender's office. and i was not in town, and i was celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary but i did get the opportunity to listen to the very, lively, radio program, later. >> and now, i also asked that we met with representatives of the urban institute who are out from washington, d.c.. >> updates on cases and we will get a detailed report at the end of august in one of your
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september meetings but just for a brief update, today, the occ has opened 481 cases compared to 474 same time last year. as of today, we have 331 pending cases compared to 319 at the same time last year. neither of those number, comparatively so, is statistically significant, but what is statistickly significant is that the occ has sustained the allegations compared to 17 as of august, 27 last year, and so increase of about 111 percent. as of today, the occ has mediated 35 cases compared to 36 through august 31st of last year and in closing, for today's report, as i have mentioned before, nacol has an annual training conference, this year.
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and the annual training conference is in kansas city, missouri, and although, kansas city, missouri, is about three hours away from ferguson, the topic of what happened in ferguson is going to be front and center. on sunday, the kansas city, had planned in conjunction with the nacol to have a community forum and so i am sure that the topic of use of force will be discussed. as well, as militaryization of law enforcement.
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that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner turman? >> thank you director hicks. and increase of 107 percent in learning that increase, did you also know what type of offenses seem to be on the rise over the last year? >> commissioner turman, it has been, 8 months, and that type of analysis. we don't tend to provide until the very end of the year because things shift, so i don't have an answer to your question, but i could provide you with one at next week's meeting to let you know where, those allegations fall. and what areas. >> and i would appreciate it if you could, i would like to know if we are talking about the traffic stop data, and we are talking use of force or what type of issues that we are dealing with and i think that
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it will be helpful for the department to know that as well. >> yes, commissioner turman, and of course, chief, suhr is aware of the nature of the complaints because when the occ sustains, a complaint, that is finds, misconduct or neglect of duty, then, we forward our findings to the chief, and then the chief determines, whether or not he is in agreement, and imposes discipline as he deems appreciate and unless, of course it is a more serious case that will entail more than ten days of suspicious up to and including termination, and that is when it would come to your attention, and in the form of chief suhr. or, i, filing charges with you. and then, monthly, i do provide you with the chief's
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adjudication of the cases that we sustained but i will provide you a break down of the areas. >> right. and i am aware that you do provide this on and ongoing basis and a snapshot on a individual month, but as we have noted a at the pointed over a concern period of time it would be interesting to look at that trend and see what the issues are. >> i am happy to provide you that information. >> thank you, commissioner dejesus? >> thank you. i am really glad to hear that when you are going to the naco? >> yes, they are going to talk about the militaryization, and i just want to say, you know, we have a civilian police force, and they keep people use at para military attorney loosely, but we have a civil police force and i noticed that the obama administration and the department of justice are going to investigate where they are giving left over equipment like tanks to the police departments and the police departments are rolling it out against the civilians which is
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shocking to see and then to understand that we are, and the federal government is actually handing out lmilitary equipment, i assume that may be part of the decision and that is part of the militaryization of the police department. and so i am looking forward to hearing your report on that. and one of the questions that i guess that i should have asked the chief is if we are going to get that equipment from the military. >> we do get some stuff, for instance, like it was just today, folks concerned about this asked me if was okay if we accepted some forklifts. and so i took a chance that it would be okay, that is not what they were talking about. predating me, we do have two vehicles that would be used for rescue. but, those require a deputy chief's approval under this administration to go out. and on occasion, those will be at events which will not be the case any more, those will just be strictly for something like a barricaded suspect and they are mainly to get between an
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active shooter and the team to try to neutralize such a threat, or trying to extract someone out, but the other things that we have like... and most of our stuff is protected like the vests and the night vision so that you can see at night. and one of our boats, came from surplus that sort of thing. >> good. well that is good to know, thank you so much and i am looking forward to seeing what the report is, because that was kind of shocking to see in the paper. and this is something that i wanted to ask you, that as we keep getting, i am wondering if you will be kind enough to tell the public again, how we have and we have a two-track investigation, the department does their own, but the occ has a way to investigate, any complaints, against any officers, and perhaps, maybe just the process and then if the charges are warranted what the process is after that, and so maybe the public can understand, that we have different arms that do investigations.


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